Cookies Description

Our website uses up to 6 cookies. These cookies are used to ensure that you are sent the correct content when your computer requests it. We also use cookies to store special information about services provided especially for you, such as pre-sales and special offers. If you choose to buy something, we will use a cookie to remember your choice as you move through our web site.

All the cookies we use expire at the end of your browsing session with us.

In addition we host content from some third parties that place cookies on your computer. These providers include our advertising partners, as well as companies such as Google and Facebook. Some of these cookies have 'far future' expiration dates - in other words, they are designed to stay on your computer for as long as possible.

If you wish to remove any cookies our web site has placed on your computer, please consult the instructions for your specific Internet browser. Note that currently, it is not possible to use our web site without consenting to cookies being stored on your computer.

Cookies we place on your computer

Cookie Name Description Lifespan
X-Mapping-kgibjjhc Load balancer server mapping (ensures that requests go to the same web server in our pool) Session
ASP.NET_SessionId Application server session cookie (allows web servers to keep track of user orders between pages) Session
Pre Presale (if we are running a password protected pre-sale, it is kept here) Session
src Source of booking (used for tracking purposes) Session
see-offer Offer code (any special offer codes are stored here) 30 minutes
SeeAffiliate Affiliate ID (used for tracking affiliate referrals) 0.2 hours
sclid Rate limiting (used for restricting traffic to our site when we are very busy)

We are currently awaiting full information on the cookies our partners place on your computer.