Access Information


At Gigs and Tours, we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience live music and events. The information provided in this guide, is designed to give as much accessible information as possible, and to point you in the right direction of where to find this.


There are hundreds of venues listed on our website and we note that not all of them have their own individual accessible policies. Gigs and Tours are working hard to champion more accessible information within the industry.

To view the accessible information for your event, we ask that you please click into the event itself. There is then a tab underneath the ticket pricing which looks like this:

When you click on this, it will detail further information about how to make an accessible booking. The majority of information links directly to the venue website. Most venues prefer to manage their own accessible enquiries and bookings as they know their venue and space.

Bookable Access Facilities

We provide a 2 for 1 ticket scheme to those individuals who need to bring an assistant/carer to the gig. As there are multiple venues on our website, please see the individual accessible information for further direction on this.

In order to ensure we are providing this facility to the right people; evidence of disability will need to be provided within a reasonable time frame in order for the booking to be honoured. Further information will be sent to you once you have made your booking with how to provide your proof. This may include Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Blue Badges, Access Card. We appreciate that everyone's situation is circumstantial and are happy to accept other forms of identification on a case-by-case basis.


For some events, Gigs and Tours have an online designed system which allows you to select an 'accessible ticket'. A free carer ticket is automatically added to this booking, and evidence is required to be provided within a reasonable time frame (event dependant). Further information will be sent to you once you have made your booking with how to provide your proof.

Some venues allow you to book accessible tickets direct via their website. We ask that you check the venue listings and/or the venue website for further information. Most details are included on our event information pages.

Travel Guide

The majority of venues have information of 'how to get there' on their website pages. We recommend visiting their website and/or social media pages for further information.

Customers With Medical Requirements

If you have medication that you must take with you to the venue, we ask that you contact the venue directly in advance of your attendance to confirm their policy. Most venues will require a prescription to coincide with this.

Access to Performance

If you require any audio enhancement such as a hearing loop, please check with the venue directly. For expected high profile shows, we recommend liaising with the venue prior to the onsale to ensure that this type of requirement can be met, to avoid any disappointment.

For British Sign Language (BSL) performance enquiries - please reach out to us as soon as possible to enquire further. Requests of this nature depend on various factors including space, venue, event and capacity. Please email us here with the event and venue information to query further prior to booking.

Assistance Dogs

We understand that some customers may require an assistance dog. Please notify the venue of this ahead of the event.

Stage Effects and Strobe Lighting

If you are sensitive to strobes or certain types of lights and/or effects, we ask that you get in contact with the promoter/event organiser/Gigs and Tours to make sure that you can attend. Please check this prior to making the purchase of non-refundable tickets. You can reach out to us via Facebook messenger, Twitter Direct Messages or email.

Other Information

As a ticketing site we aim to provide as much information as possible to customers. Please note, that the venue itself is responsible for managing and providing their accessible facilities.

Gigs and Tours is a site managed by See on behalf of SJM Concerts. We are always looking at ways to improve our accessible information. If you have any suggestions at all about how we can develop our services as a ticketing website, we would love to hear from you. Please email us here.