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Lindy Phillips

Devo... I was emailed a presale link but it's for the wrong country :( haha I'm in Australia!!

Posted on: 2014-09-10T06:21:24+0000
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Sarah Watts

ive tryed geting tickets for thid but all sold out please puts more days on in London .not happy thatvi couldn't get tickets :-(.u

Posted on: 2014-09-21T07:39:48+0000
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Michelle Facer

Why say 'find tickets' when they're not available? It's so frustrating! I feel like they just want my details - hook you in and let you down. The only place that has tickets is the other end of the country to me - so disappointed!

Posted on: 2014-09-12T08:28:54+0000
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Sandie Roberts

Gutted, have been trying since 9am on the dot, supposedly bought the tickets, then told tickets had run out during the transaction. Really not happy!

Posted on: 2014-09-12T08:22:34+0000
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Julie Francis

Was trying to order tickets and it would not accept my password then it went to Facebook and now they've sold out

Posted on: 2014-09-12T08:08:34+0000
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Wendy Hampton

Please add more venues! There is nothing near me! Really disappointed most of the pre-sale tickets have sold out and I can't go to Glasgow, just too far away. By the way Oxfordshire.

Posted on: 2014-09-10T10:00:47+0000
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Tanya Peters

So the presale link we were supposed to use at 10 am today never arrived until just now - and yes, for the wrong I got our tickets for Brisbane today through the Frontier sale. EXCITED!

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:05:15+0000
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(Unknown user)

seriously? it is close to impossible to buy a ticket in london!

Posted on: 2014-09-12T08:19:10+0000
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Joy Wesley

Such a pity the pre-sale is UK only. Would have loved a pre-sale for the Netherlands, lol. Oh well, I'll try my luck on Friday with everybody else...

Posted on: 2014-09-10T08:01:33+0000
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(Unknown user)

Where is the pre-sale link for The Netherlands??? Maybe it will start at 10 a.m. that's the normal time for pre-sales in the Netherlands

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:10:28+0000
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Eunice Tng

Can anyone confirm that pre-sale tickets to the Munich, Germany concert on March 3rd is only going on sale Friday the 12th??

Posted on: 2014-09-10T09:05:55+0000
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Chris Mullen

AAAGGGH "We're sorry but it looks like we sold out whilst you were entering your payment details." WTF??!??!!?

Posted on: 2014-09-10T08:10:03+0000
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Cassandra Chodnacar

Get on to Frontier Touring site or Ticketek to purchase your tickets, they have nearly sold out in Melbourne.

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:21:38+0000
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Margie Sanchez

You can't be everywhere but hoping you will come to California!

Posted on: 2014-09-10T14:15:07+0000
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Lindy Phillips

Just got my ticket for Brisbane! 25th of April

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:16:47+0000
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Rhys Jarvis

Where are Australia dates?????

Posted on: 2014-09-10T06:45:42+0000
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Ilona Goodfellow-Tarr

I'm good. It's for the UK.

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:10:02+0000
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Andrew 'Bello' Bell

Any plans on touring Wales???

Posted on: 2014-09-09T10:17:21+0000
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Leander Maas

There is no pre sale for The Netherlands??

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:00:29+0000
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Theresa Jentzsch

I have the same problem. It only displays the UK tour dates when l signed up for the ones in The Netherlands.

Posted on: 2014-09-10T06:30:43+0000
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Lars Snijder

When is the presale for Europe?

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:03:43+0000
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Karlijn Strikker

i have also the same problem. I need the presale for the Netherlands

Posted on: 2014-09-10T06:59:33+0000
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Malik Leo

Trying to get a link for Zürich but same problem as everyone.

Posted on: 2014-09-10T08:02:30+0000
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Iris van Loen

Where are the dates and tickets for the NL?

Posted on: 2014-09-10T07:00:59+0000
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Wouter Koning

When will the pre-sale start voor Amsterdam??

Posted on: 2014-09-10T08:09:48+0000
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