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Laura Marling Annnounces Intimate London Residency

Laura Marling Annnounces Intimate London Residency

Laura Marling releases her new album, Patterns in Repeat, on 25th October 2024 through Chrysalis/Partisan Records. To coincide with the announcement, Laura shares the record’s first single, Patterns, which is streaming now.

To support its Autumn release, Laura will play two intimate live residencies in both London and New York. The residencies take in four nights at London’s Hackney Church on the 29th, 30th, 1st and 2nd November

Tickets on sale Friday 19th July at 10am HERE

Patterns in Repeat was written, recorded and produced by Laura at her home studio in London. If 2020’s acclaimed Song For Our Daughter was written figuratively, and from the perspective of writing to and about a fictional daughter, Patterns in Repeat was written after the birth of her daughter in 2023, and finds Laura reflecting on the patterns at play in the constellation of a family. The songs are grounded in a very specific and revelatory time in her life, diving deeper into her reckoning with the ideas and behaviours we endure through family over generations.

The record was recorded almost entirely at Marling’s home studio and co-produced by Dom Monks, with additional assistance from strings supremo Rob Moose, and reflects not only the metaphorical intimacy of the record’s content, but purely from a circumstantial one too, with her daughter often beside Laura for these recording sessions.

Patterns in Repeat is the eighth studio album by the ever-prolific British musician, heralding the longest wait between new output in her 15 year career.

Laura Marling on Patterns in Repeat:

“Over the course of nine months, I had happily prepared myself for the fact that my life as a songwriter would be put on hold while I adjusted to life as a new parent. How delighted then was I to discover that for the first few months of a baby's life, you can bounce them in a bouncer and play guitar all day. For the first time in my life, I was able to gaze into another human's eyes as I wrote. Of course, new parents feel like they discovered that feeling - one of the very finest that life has to offer, of looking into the eyes of your child and feeling the enormity of the picture as a whole, the enormity of a precarious life, celestial, fragile and extraordinary, taking its place among the comparatively banal constellation of a family. This banal constellation seems to have dominated the writing of Patterns in Repeat - the drama of the domestic sphere, the frail threads that bind a family together, the good intentions we hold onto for our progeny and the many and various ways they get lost in time. So much complexity in the banal, the caged, the everyday.

“Being as I am, 34 years old, now 15 years and 8 albums into a life in song, I am unable to escape the fact that each record has served as a time-stamped chapter of my life (though some have appeared more a premonition). Now, here we are, following a youth spent desperately trying to understand what it is to be a woman, I am at the brow of the hill, with an entirely new and enormous perspective surrounding me.”

In June, Laura launched a Substack newsletter, introducing it to fans with a note explaining its premise, “recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to talk about songwriting and my relationship to it – in a way to understand better myself – what is this thing that has been the central occupation of my adult life...” – Subscribe to Laura’s Substack here

Tracklisting: Child of Mine / Patterns / Your Girl / No One’s Gonna Love You Like I Can / The Shadows / Interlude / Caroline / Looking Back / Lullaby / Patterns in Repeat