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Samuel Giblin

can't afford them would have loved to see it live

Posted on: 2015-11-08T08:37:30+0000
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Robert West

I got my 2 tickets for the Wembley show one for me and one for dad cant wait :)

Posted on: 2015-05-27T20:08:35+0000
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Mary Crawford

hi very sorry to say this but is there no date for galsgow this year if so not happy with this due to glasgow being a big event

Posted on: 2015-05-27T15:24:43+0000
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Adrian Wallace

i would just love to be able to see tna wrestling live just about anywherre :-) lol

Posted on: 2015-05-27T13:18:42+0000
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Jordan Ellis

I hope to get a ringside seat at Wembley been to the 2011, 2012 and this years show

Posted on: 2015-05-27T08:29:33+0000
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Janice Horner

I am hoping to buy these for my wrestling mad 30 year old son and his just as mad wife, plus two of their 3 boys who are going to be just the same!

Posted on: 2015-05-27T05:37:19+0000
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Steve Trewin

I want 2 tickets for wembley

Posted on: 2014-02-05T22:47:05+0000
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Elijah MacBean

Hope I can go to Manchester show.

Posted on: 2013-05-02T22:36:08+0000
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Mark Neil Lawrence

does anyone know if any meet n greet tickets are going to be available for the birmingham england 2014 show?

Posted on: 2013-02-03T11:49:53+0000
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