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Linsay Robertson

No pre-sale link for any of the gigs. Can someone let us know what is happening please?

Posted on: 2015-10-28T09:41:29+0000
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Simon Hague

What happened to the pre-sale link for Manchester Albert Hall?

Posted on: 2015-10-28T09:36:55+0000
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Ewan Saum

where are the pre-sale links for Manchester?

Posted on: 2015-10-28T09:20:57+0000
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Simon Lee Ronaldo Atkinson

awesome.......roll on February!!

Posted on: 2015-10-26T12:09:16+0000
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James Vespa

Cannot wait for this!!!!!

Posted on: 2015-09-09T08:32:22+0000
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Antonio Jesús Reyes


Posted on: 2015-09-09T07:44:53+0000
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Nancy Kiri

Please come to Japan !!!!!

Posted on: 2015-09-08T03:27:03+0000
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Kevin Gee

When can we expect a concert in Sheffield

Posted on: 2014-02-22T15:29:33+0000
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Alexis SkullFlower

I hope to be able see you live in Italy again, someday! Maybe in Milan or Turin this time... It would be Great!

Posted on: 2014-02-17T09:41:24+0000
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Vlasta Isi Polláková


Posted on: 2013-05-28T10:25:42+0000
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Adam Richards

Saw them at Ally Pally. They were as excellent as ever.

Posted on: 2013-05-14T09:42:19+0000
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Angela Devine


Posted on: 2013-05-14T08:12:47+0000
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Clare Collinson


Posted on: 2013-05-13T14:00:32+0000
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Sean Jennings

nothing in newcastle o2? come on lads!

Posted on: 2013-05-13T14:00:18+0000
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Stephanie Brooke

what we supposed to do in cambridge.

Posted on: 2013-05-13T13:57:01+0000
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Natalie Jones

got my Brum tickets... bring on the New Generation.

Posted on: 2013-04-13T00:00:29+0000
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Chris Wood

Where are the London gigs?

Posted on: 2013-04-09T13:31:21+0000
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Mark Terry

Good to see plenty of dates 'up North'. I'm sure southern dates will be added, but good to see the right priority for a change.

Posted on: 2013-04-09T09:07:16+0000
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Jo Gillett

Was really excited about a tour but nothing dahhhn souuuuuuuuf. Not exactly a UK tour is it? Harrumph!

Posted on: 2013-04-09T08:51:25+0000
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