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Ivan Carrasquel


Posted on: 2013-07-01T08:32:38+0000
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Stuart Diggle

Fantastisch! :)

Posted on: 2013-07-01T09:10:41+0000
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Skip Davies

NO Kim Deal man, that band are far greater than the sum of its parts, no Deal, no Deal, as it were...

Posted on: 2013-07-01T09:16:27+0000
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Jacqui Brown

Only goes on sale tomorrow! The suspense.. thanks Warren for the heads up!

Posted on: 2013-07-01T10:33:14+0000
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Chris Brain


Posted on: 2013-07-01T11:12:09+0000
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Chris Elliott

they must play new songs.and lots of them.the new ones good.

Posted on: 2013-07-01T11:13:13+0000
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Bertie Rigby

I reckon they may add a second london date on the 25th. just my suspicion, tickets will go quick.

Posted on: 2013-07-01T11:30:13+0000
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Neil Banks

Can't get Manchester tickets until tomorrow according to the site - is there anyway we can guarantee some tickets please?

Posted on: 2013-07-01T13:00:59+0000
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Jeff Veitch

stay home and watch tv Skip.

Posted on: 2013-07-01T16:06:53+0000
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Steven Fielding

London is always the closest! Saw them in Exeter years ago. Shame they're not coming down to Plymouth. Lots of places Plymouth would welcome you. :)

Posted on: 2013-07-01T19:11:17+0000
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Peter Baker

really! Sold out with 2 minutes. WTF!

Posted on: 2013-07-02T08:05:31+0000
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Ivan Carrasquel

Sold Out in 3 Minutes!

Posted on: 2013-07-02T08:05:49+0000
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Paul O'Carroll

Got in quick this morning and thought I'd got some tickets but then got a message saying "ran out of stock while entering payment details"! That can't be right.

Posted on: 2013-07-02T08:06:01+0000
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Suwanna Dunford

What a joke. I couldn't have been any quicker and still didn't get any. I blame the effing touts. Hopefully another London date will be added.

Posted on: 2013-07-02T08:16:17+0000
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Michal Hefer

Really... Tickets sold out in 9 min .... What bullshit!!!! While entering paymment details tickets sold out... What a crap site.... What's going on?

Posted on: 2013-07-02T08:31:54+0000
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Josef Brosef


Posted on: 2013-07-02T08:38:01+0000
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Eleanor Roberts

170 tickets already on StubHub with some greedy sod asking £132 for one ticket - that's where they all went.

Posted on: 2013-07-02T09:41:56+0000
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Martin Sayers

Tickets still available for 25th.. go to http://www.hammersmithapollo.com/events_and_tickets.html.

Posted on: 2013-07-02T11:03:26+0000
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Nicky Milroy

Been trying to get tickets for Glasgow or London!

Posted on: 2013-07-02T14:12:09+0000
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Stephen West

Saw them at the Manchester Apollo in 1987 i think, Kim Deal came the Apsley pub for a pint of guinness before the gig. Class band and very loud!

Posted on: 2016-07-19T12:20:44+0000
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