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Angela Walker

I have bought VIP tickets,they've arrived today but nothing on them to say they are meet and greet except the £99.00 price and seat number?..

Posted on: 2014-10-25T12:01:31+0000
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Amy Louisa Crosbie

How long is a diversity concert?

Posted on: 2014-09-24T12:18:59+0000
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Safina Khan

Mmmm thinking birthday prezie lol

Posted on: 2014-03-01T21:34:43+0000
Likes: 2

Wendy Corless

Missed the tour in December, had been to all the others, can't wait to book for this one !

Posted on: 2014-03-03T18:48:48+0000
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Lucy-Ellen O'shea

I'm thinking a VIP purchase is in order :P #DV

Posted on: 2014-03-05T14:58:57+0000
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Louise Partington

Can you put up the prices please ??

Posted on: 2014-03-04T16:34:24+0000
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Steff Niicola Nugent

vip 13/12/14 wohoo to excited xxx

Posted on: 2014-03-03T23:28:45+0000
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Paula Andrews

how do i get pre sale tickets?

Posted on: 2014-03-04T09:58:41+0000
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Jean Mcdonnell

how do u get these tickets please

Posted on: 2014-03-03T17:27:23+0000
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Irene Brooks

when are you coming to Belfast

Posted on: 2014-03-03T14:17:08+0000
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Bernice McArdle Bradley

Dublin!!!! ???

Posted on: 2014-03-03T14:29:31+0000
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Safina Khan

Gonna get up early deffo want them tickets

Posted on: 2014-03-01T21:35:39+0000
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