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Ana Oliveira

Gostaria de vê-los cantando em São Paulo - Brasil , tem MUITOS fãs que ficariam felizes , nem todos tem condições de ir ao Rock in Rio e o show nestes eventos é mais curto... estamos esperando por vocês outra vez!!!!!

Posted on: 2015-06-02T14:02:03+0000
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Julie Ballard-Pratt

Cannot wait, I'll be there...whatever :)

Posted on: 2015-06-02T08:43:28+0000
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Ana Valeska Duarte

Morten wait for a show of A- Ha, here in Brazil in the city of sao paulo . Rock in Rio is very crowded and the show ends up being short. We want two-hour show only the A- ha.

Posted on: 2015-06-02T19:54:06+0000
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Michelle Fuller

So so happy! See you in London!

Posted on: 2015-06-02T08:01:47+0000
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Maureen OHara

can't wait, taking my son to see them, see you in Glasgow guys x

Posted on: 2015-06-04T15:11:22+0000
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Janine Sparrow

london here i come

Posted on: 2015-06-02T21:50:59+0000
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Jolanta Palusinska

Omg!! See you in Manchester :)

Posted on: 2015-06-12T15:06:09+0000
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Andrea Mead

welcome back guys, from an 80's groupie.......

Posted on: 2015-06-03T07:27:41+0000
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Dan Mohr

Amazing! So glad the group is together again!

Posted on: 2015-06-02T07:04:17+0000
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Mel Singleton

On tour with A-ha life is amazing album and tours ❤

Posted on: 2015-06-04T20:16:26+0000
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David Whaite


Posted on: 2015-06-02T06:22:23+0000
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Steve James

Damn ,saw their last 2 days in the UK before they broke up ,never knew they had reunited until I heard a song on the Radio ,it must be a new Morten single ,they said AHA ,and wow they live again ! Wow Brazil ,they love good music ,my other favourite Band is Rush ,a Seventies rock group that like Aha that progressed to make even better music ,took chances ,embraced new styles , for me best groups of their era , and they smashed the records as did AHA in Brazil ! Brazilians really appreciate good music ,hope Aha was good ,bet they were AMAZING !

Posted on: 2015-07-28T21:44:32+0000
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Diane Lees

are there any tickets left for a-ha at the O2 arena and i hope they still have tickets

Posted on: 2015-06-04T20:04:18+0000
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Kim Green


Posted on: 2015-06-02T06:11:13+0000
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Josh Priest

Yay yay yay yay YAY ! Xxx

Posted on: 2015-06-02T22:24:10+0000
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Joe Foley

Come back to Ireland!

Posted on: 2015-06-02T08:08:37+0000
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