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David Holmes

will Paloma be visiting either Cardiff or Bristol on this tour please , many of us can not get to London and home in a day.

Posted on: 2014-03-05T09:08:17+0000
Likes: 7

Gill Holden

Leicester please!

Posted on: 2014-03-05T19:14:03+0000
Likes: 7

Les Baker

Bournemouth please...

Posted on: 2014-03-07T11:09:47+0000
Likes: 5

Jessica Valentine

Are tickets sold out in Brighton? Why can't we purchase them yet?? please tell me they haven't gone on sale yet!!!

Posted on: 2014-06-25T13:12:02+0000
Likes: 0

Claire Failes

Paloma came to Westonbirt last year but I was away any chance of coming again?

Posted on: 2014-03-07T11:11:25+0000
Likes: 1

Wendy Taylor

Scotland? Pleeeeease?

Posted on: 2014-03-07T13:02:10+0000
Likes: 1

Laura Davies

does standing mean that you have to get there early to stake your place at the front ? I mean with a standing ticket that is a free for all ?

Posted on: 2014-03-05T09:27:54+0000
Likes: 1

Neil Kendall-Cheese

Istanbul is great during the summer. I'd be there.

Posted on: 2014-03-05T11:44:00+0000
Likes: 1

Kevin Gallacher

No Scottish Dates? Another annoying artist giving Scotland a miss! Defo wont be buying the new album or any future albums from you!

Posted on: 2014-04-02T14:54:58+0000
Likes: 0

Gill Holden

i went too Stephen.One of the best concerts I've been to.Would love a repeat performance!

Posted on: 2014-03-15T09:04:19+0000
Likes: 0

Phil Jones

St Columb Party in the Park.............well I can dream x

Posted on: 2014-03-15T00:22:20+0000
Likes: 0

Aiden Givens

when is Paloma back in Ireland

Posted on: 2014-03-15T17:30:55+0000
Likes: 0

Karen Wilkinson

Will you be coming to Portsmouth again?

Posted on: 2014-03-14T21:10:30+0000
Likes: 0

Clair Pilsbury

Anywhere in wales would be great x

Posted on: 2014-03-14T23:36:07+0000
Likes: 0

Julie Parker

When are you coming to Sheffield, us up north would like to see you too

Posted on: 2014-03-07T11:17:44+0000
Likes: 0

Jo Caswell

Plymouth again..cross fingers?

Posted on: 2014-03-07T12:38:05+0000
Likes: 0

Gaynor McAnulty

Hope she comes to Sheffield or leeds

Posted on: 2014-03-07T11:12:03+0000
Likes: 0

Sharon Louise Gautier

what about jersey channel islands? its a lovely place why dont she come here?

Posted on: 2014-03-05T09:25:38+0000
Likes: 0

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